How to Fix the Mod Wheel in FL Studio

How to Fix FL Studio Mod Wheel (Modulation Wheel Setup)

This article shares how to fix the mod wheel in FL Studio.

The Mod Wheel is actually called a “Modulation Wheel”. The Mod Wheel is CC #1. (This is for ALL DAWs, as it’s the MIDI Specification!)

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How to Fix the Mod Wheel in FL Studio
Modulation Wheel Not Working in FL Studio [FIX!]

Omni – Mod Wheel (Wrapper)

To access the Mod Wheel in FL Studio, it’s found in:

Browser -> Current project -> Remote control -> "Omni - Mod wheel (Wrapper)"
Mod wheel located under "remote control" in the FL Studio browser.
Mod wheel located under “remote control” in FL Studio browser.

Left click “Omni – Mod wheel (Wrapper)”, and remote control settings window pops up.

Remote Control Settings - Enable Omni Mode for the Mod Wheel, which Follows the MIDI Spec for Mod Wheel CC #1
Remote Control Settings
Enable Omni Mode for the Mod Wheel, which Follows the MIDI Spec for Mod Wheel CC #1

By default, the remote control settings for this “Omni – Mod wheel (Wrapper)” should be mapped to “Ctrl 1” (which is CC #1), and Omni mode is enabled.

Now when you open your different Virtual Instruments, the Mod Wheel should now work in FL Studio 🙂.

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How to Make Mod Wheel a Global Link in FL Studio

Omni Mode is a type of Project Link.

But if you try to setup the Mod Wheel as a Global Link, you’ll see it won’t work! This is because the Mod Wheel, by default, is mapped to “Omni – Mod wheel (Wrapper)”.

There’s only one option to make the mod wheel a global link in FL Studio.. and that’s deleting “Omni – Mod wheel (Wrapper)”.

You do this by clicking “reset” on the remote control settings window for the “Omni – Mod wheel (Wrapper)”.

Then save the project as an FL Studio Template so that the Mod wheel (wrapper) is not loaded each project.

You must keep opening this template so that your Mod Wheel global link mappings work, otherwise “Omni – Mod wheel (Wrapper)” will keep loading, and since it’s a type of Project Link, that takes precedence over a global link in FL Studio!

I would advise to NOT SET THE MOD WHEEL AS A GLOBAL LINK, but that’s up to you of course 😁

Conclusion: Setup Mod Wheel in FL Studio

There’s your Mod Wheel Fix in FL Studio!

It’s located under “Remote control” in the FL Studio browser.

You can also access Pitch Wheel and After Touch of your MIDI Keyboard in the remote control section, too!

I highly recommend Project Links vs. Global Links in FL Studio.

As always, leave a comment if you have questions!

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