Because the music industry is all about selling, it’s super easy to fall into thinking expensive is better.


Why? That’s because we can’t see audio.. that’s the biggest reason!

Did you know there was someone selling ROCKS.. saying it gave your room a better sound? I couldn’t believe that when I heard it (and saw pictures of their website!)

Is More Expensive Audio Gear Better?

Now, there’s a difference between QUALITY and FEATURES.

Very often you need to pay more to get more FEATURES… such as more microphone inputs for your audio interface.

But let’s say we talk about speakers.. If you buy a $20 pair of earbuds, compared to a $500 pair of earbuds, how do you know if it really sounds better?

And I can speak from first hand experience, I actually enjoy my $20 pair of earbuds over my $500 in-ear-monitors..

They are COMFIER.. and they sound way more REAL to what I’m hearing for translation..

This “audio trap” of “expensive is better” happens all the time..

And it gets me, too!

But this episode was just a reminder to myself, and hopefully you, too, that WORKFLOW is more important.

And workflow can only be found after HOURS of trial and error and experience.

Talk to you in the next episode of Music Production Made Simple!