In this episode, I talk to you about the 3 types of music production educators I’ve seen over the years.

After talking with so many students over my 12 years of teaching beatmaking with FL Studio, it’s time to finally talk about what to be careful of when choosing a music production educator to continue learning with.

In short..

Music Educator #1: Teaches With Multiple DAWs

Be very careful with these types of educators, because they are trying to capture their sales from brand-new users to music production..

Sadly, those new producers don’t realize that they may not be able to continue learning with that music teacher if they like their teaching style, because they are using so many DAWs!

Another red flag about Music Educator #1 is that they do not know the best workflows and shortcuts of a DAW.. which can only be learned after putting in HUNDREDS OF HOURS into a DAW when making music..

Yes, you can probably get going, but just be aware that the information may be surface level, leaving you still having to find the true beatmaking secrets.

Music Educator #2: Shortcuts, Beat Breakdowns, and Popular Techniques (at the time)

Music trends come and go all the time..

If you are new to making beats, you may not realize how fast music genres change..

Just think about all the music you’ve listened to over the years..

From the 80’s, to the 90’s, to the 2000’s, and even today.. music genres have changed so much.. and what you need to know is each music genre has it’s own music production techniques!

So every now and then, new “techniques” pop-up, and people jump on the bandwagon to build their brand, hoping their subscriber base and views skyrocket.. (it’s really no different than the Gold Rush back in the day!)

There’s lots of valuable tips you can learn here.. but it will be hard to learn how to make your own beats from scratch, and find your own sound as a producer.

Very often, these types of Music Production Educators burn out after a couple years, only to be repeated by the new Music Educator #2 for the next new music trends..

I’ve seen this happen OVER AND OVER in my 12+ years teaching FL Studio..

Music Educator #3: The One That Cares for You 🙂

If you look back to your elementary and high-school days.. there was always that one teacher everyone loved 💖.

The question is.. why?

Just like how we often wonder why we love the songs we do, and what makes their melodies so awesome..

It’s the same reason why these teachers are so valued and respected..

  • They know what they’re talking about
  • They teach more than just the subject at hand
  • They don’t waste your time..
  • They listen to your question
  • They have lots of knowledge in other areas, too..
  • .. and ultimately.. THEY MAKE LEARNING FUN

Music production is incredibly hard to learn..


Well.. let’s see what you have to learn quickly..

  • Your music program..
  • How music theory works (chords, notes, and rhythm)
  • How to program drum loops
  • How to Mix/Master Music..
  • How to learn all your VST plugins
  • How to use a computer at an intermediate/advanced level
  • How to be very organized (for long-term success)
  • How to release and finish songs..

These all use very different parts of your brain..

And if you can imagine.. point 1 is learning your music program.. That’s not even making beats, yet!!!


Music Educator #3 is a music teacher that will provide you value for years to come.. These are hard to find, and you know you can reach out and get incredibly helpful advice.

Here’s two ways to start learning beatmaking with me:

Hope you enjoyed this one..