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People search my website very often for does selling beats mean you’re a good producer..

And I can’t tell you how untrue that is!

First, I do believe that in order to sell beats, your beats need to be at a certain quality level..

But once you pass that quality level, it all comes down to marketing, and getting your music in front of the right people.

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I read way too often that people are discouraged that their music is not good enough because they aren’t able to sell it.

Understand that the music industry is incredibly competitive, and you must study marketing A LOT in order to learn how to get your music in front of the right audience.

That’s why I said you should read Rich Dad Poor Dad Book!

It will give you the perspective of how to make money while focusing on what you truly want to do, without feeling so pressured.

Example of Targeting the Wrong Audience with Your Music:

If someone likes dance music, but you’re trying to sell rap beats, they won’t be interested.. make sense?

This episode will be very encouraging to those who want to learn to make beats in FL Studio, but get discouraged when comparing them self to others within the industry..

Want a pro-tip? Don’t compare yourself to others. 🙂

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