Proper Producer Mindset: Creating Your Own Lifelong Path in the Music Industry


Before you launch your music career, I highly advise all of my students to make sure you’re ready.

This book will prepare you to have the proper mindset before jumping into this world of music production, and learning the wisdom to make wise choices when it comes to sponsorships, contracts, and topics involving your brand and your audience.

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Pages: 42Images: Just text in this book!

Music producers have become copycats!

If you’re on the trend train, you’re stealing from your artistic abilities to truly surprise yourself, and build a lifelong fan base towards your music.

Proper Producer Mindset will introduce you to staying true to yourself, protecting yourself in this music industry, and building a fan base who likes you and your music for you.

By the end of this book, you will be aware of your decisions and possible outcome of your actions within this music industry.

We discuss being aware of signing contracts and understanding how to be strong with your decisions, especially when it comes to the temptation of money and sponsorships from outside parties wanting their hands in your pockets.

This is your music, your brand, and you must fight to keep your brand’s name respected for your own sake, as well as your audience and fans.

Remember, once your music is out there, it’s out there.

You cannot take it back.

This book will teach you to be prepared, so when the time does come with these types of negotiations, you can have a much stronger game plan.

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