Make a Beat From Scratch Vol. 1


Looking for a make a beat from scratch course?

This is the perfect beatmaking course for beginners, intermediate, or advanced producers.

Whether you want to learn the basics or just want to make sure you’re doing things proper, this beat from scratch course teaches the beatmaking, mixing, mastering, arrangement with over 9 hours of training.

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Lessons: 24Time: 9 Hours 21 MinsSkill Level: Advanced

Learn to make a beat from scratch in 9 hours!

Most new producers struggle with how to turn a loop into a song.

They make the initial melody, but don’t know how to turn many melodies into a full beat with powerful song structure.

After creating 30+ beatmaking courses.. this how to make a beat course was always requested from my students to see how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to make a beat from start to finish.

Well, today’s you’re opportunity to step into my personal studio and watch me make a whole beat from beginning to end with custom melodies using MIDI Notes, and a custom drum loop with one-shot drum samples from SCRATCH!

Brand-new?  Beat from Scratch Vol. 1 Course is designed to teach you everything involved in making a professional beat!

More experience?  The videos will be a solid confirmation to your own workflow to see if there’s a better way, or just learn something new.

GratuiTous (instructor), has been beatmaking for 13+ years, and has even worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated artist!  He’s also known for straight to the point beatmaking education, revealing the why, what, how, and when, with super easy to understand explanations.

First Section: A Real Piano

The world’s best producers are amazing on piano.. so practicing piano SHOULD be part of your producer practicing routine.

For that reason, we start the course on my real piano with a custom setup to practice as a beatmaker which I reveal in the first part of this make a beat from scratch course:

Learn Piano for Beatmaking - Make a Beat From Scratch Vol. 1 Course

I cannot tell you how much of a better producer I have become at melodies and improvisation with my real piano setup (revealed in course).

Section Two: My Music Studio

Don’t get confused about music production equipment.. it’s all about knowledge, technique, and selecting the right tools which don’t have to be expensive.

This section walks you through two parts of my music studio:

  1. My music equipment like MIDI Keyboard, Speakers, and working in comfort.
  2. My digital production tools like VSTs, Sounds, and my fast Template.

This section is so educational, and will leave you so confident with your music production equipment choices.

Sections 3, 4, 5, and 6:

These sections cover beatmaking, mixing, mastering, and arrangement.

The course is about 9 hours long, and I try to keep the recordings are raw as possible so that you literally see step-by-step how to make a beat.

Making a Beat and Mixing Aggressively - Make a Beat From Scratch Vol. 1

This is a MASSIVE course sharing the exact steps to create professional beats all taught and edited by me, GratuiTous!  There’s about 21 total patterns in the beat.. with about 9-10 of those being instruments!

You see me improvise on a piano and record each melody.. you even learn how to fine-tune each sound so that you have good sound selection in beats.

We then cover how to organize your music session, set up a mix, and how to master a beat.. and the absolute hardest part.. the arrangement!  You see it all!

After creating 30+ beatmaking courses, this is the course people have requested for years.. and it’s now available to watch!  You can download and watch for offline viewing, or stream the course inside my dedicated beatmaker training platform!

Best Beatmaking Course from Beginning to End

It’ll be hard finding a beatmaking course which goes into such detail with easy-to-understand explanations (and unrevealed secrets), while still being fun, and learning step-by-step what’s involved to make a beat..

If you use FL Studio you will get the absolute best experience, but you can use any DAW to follow along.

Want to see step-by-step the EXACT PROCESS of making a professional beat?  Enroll into my Make a Beat From Scratch Vol. 1 Course, and see all my beatmaking secrets!

100% Satisfaction or your money back!  I know you’ll be so happy you.. this is the course you are after to learn beatmaking at a professional level.

Vol. 1 creates an emotional rap beat.

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