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Online Music Distribution is the process of using a Digital Music Distributor Service to submit your music to Spotify, Apply Music, Amazon Music, and various other streaming platforms.

There is a certain process to prepare your music before you can submit your music to music distributor companies.

This course will teach you How to Submit Your Music through an Online Distributor.

You will learn what format your music should be in, what artwork size music distributors expect, and how to stay organized as you continue to release music as an artist or music producer over your years.

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Lessons: 8Time: 1 Hour 5 MinsSkill Level: Intermediate

Online Music Distribution Course teaches step-by-step how to release music on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and popular music streaming services.

This is known as Digital Music Distribution.

Digital Distributors act as the middle man on behalf of music artists and producers by submitting your music to Spotify, Apple Music, etc.. and this digital music distribution course teaches how to release your music on all platforms!

If you’re comparing the best Digital Music Distributor.. like DistroKid vs. Tunecore vs. CD Baby..  BE CAREFUL!  Some digital distributors take WEEKS to submit your music, some take up to 15% commission.. and some charge a fee for EACH RELEASE!

This course uses DistroKid for online distribution, and you’ll learn:

  • How to Organize Your Album Folder (for best workflow)
  • Rules for Music Distribution Album Artwork (Do’s and Don’ts)
  • Preparing Your Album’s Tracklist (Song Order)
  • How to Master Music for Online Distribution
  • Upload and Sell Your Music on Apple, Spotify and Amazon (Properly)
  • BONUS:  Make .MP3’s Look AMAZING in Emails (Great for Branding)

Online Music Distribution Course not only shares how to properly submit music to an online distributor.. you’ll learn my secrets of music organization!

Common Music Distribution Myths:

After creating this course, I saw A LOT of click-baity online music distribution tutorials.. so here’s some honest answers that will give you results before enrolling:

Is a Free Music Distribution Service Better?

I would caution using Free Music Distribution.  They can take longer to submit your music, and often still take commission on music royalties.

I’m not recommending DistroKid, as every company can change over time, but having used DistroKid for 7+ years for my own music, the affordable fee (and 0% commissions), I can say I’ve had a REALLY good experience.

Should I Follow LUFS Standards When Mastering Music for Online Distribution?

The LUFS standard is pretty new which has caused a lot of hype regarding the best loudness for online distribution.

The question is, why did LUFS get invented?

LUFS aims to solve two problems:

  1. Fixing the Loudness Wars pushing music TOO LOUD in mastering..
  2. There was no consistent volume standard of one song to the next

LUFS Normalization on Spotify and Apple Music makes each song play at a similar volume, giving a better user experience.

The confusion is then how loud should you master your music on Spotify?

If you master your music too loud, you’ll destroy your audio (loudness wars), if too quiet, you’ll miss the energy and life in your music.

New standards typically change over time, so be careful how close you follow the LUFS Loudness Standards.. you still want to master your music loud enough for that sweet spot..

You’re shown an example of the mastering music sweet spot in this course.

GratuiTous is the course instructor, who’s worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated Artist and is a Recognized FL Studio Trainer.  He has over 14 of his own Album Releases!

Learn how to properly submit your music with digital distribution!

My Music Distribution Course walks you through step-by-step how to use DistroKid to submit your music to music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and more!

Follow along with any music distributor of your choice, as I show best practices of album organization, album artwork rules, and workflow.

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