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All About Filters is a music course about how to use filters for emotion in your beats.  If you don’t know what a filter is in music production, it’s simply just an EQ band which we use with automation clips!

This unique course is a single video about an hour long showing you step-by-step how to build emotion in your song with filters, and showing the different types of filters and their emotion they give us.

This is a very old course but still extremely relevant to understand emotion building process when it comes to making your chorus sound big, or how to break down a song to slow it down for a bit.. and it’s all focused on EQ Filters, which we cover in this FL Studio Course!

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Lessons: 1Time: 1 HourSkill Level: Beginner

Filters are a tool producers need to know.

Once you understand how to make your beat, the difference to making your track sound professional is with filters and a term I like to use called Audio Painting (I’ve written a book about Audio Painting on Amazon!)

This helps shape a song’s sound and arrangement and builds tension for your listener.

If you’ve ever listened to a song and got that goosebumps feeling as it starts to build up towards the chorus, this is one aspect of Audio Painting and using filters.

In this course, I show you tips and tricks you can use to help prepare your listener for what’s next in your song.

This will be an eye-opening one for you!

Note: This course was one of my first courses I created, so instead of breaking the structure out into small separate videos, the course is just one long video.


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