10 Steps to Become an FL Studio Pro


This may be the Best FL Studio Course you can find, preparing you for life as a producer, focused on the FL Studio DAW for music production.

We first cover how to prepare your producer brand and protect yourself as a producer, then we get into the core basics of what producers really need to know to succeed with making professional beats.

There are so many little secrets covered which you will find hard to discover out there.. We talk about Drum Loops, Melodies, Arrangement, Mixing, and Mastering.  But in each section we go much further than the surface, like How to Count Beats for Producers so that you truly know where you’re allowed to click sounds in when making custom drum loops.

If you’re passed beginner, 10 Steps to Become an FL Studio Pro Course will reveal so much beatmaking knowledge to get you up and running FAST with extremely relevant topics to beatmakers and producers.

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Lessons: 25Time: 8 HoursSkill Level: Beginner

Are you tired of searching for videos that try to teach you how to learn FL Studio, but always fall short, or are missing something critical to help you grow as a producer?

Welcome to 10 Steps to Become an FL Studio Pro, where I share with you the ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE required to excel as a music producer using FL Studio.

I’m Riley Weller (my producer name is GratuiTous), and I’ve been producing music on FL Studio for over 10 years.

I’ve worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated recording artist, have created over 30 FL Studio courses, 150+ YouTube tutorials, have written books on Music Production, and even host a podcast called ‘Music Production Made Simple’, too!

Students absolutely love my teaching approach.  They say things like, “Very easy to understand”, or.. “Exactly what I have been looking for!”

Here’s a few of my favorite reviews I’ve received over the years:

Daniel Gaglio (5/5 Stars)

I’ve been using fl studio for 5 years now and I’m finally taking a solid course especially for mixing. Mixing is something I’m really just now getting the hang of. Organizing and color coding is something I needed to learn better. I like where the course is going so far. I have high expectations for what this will teach me.

Tim Mann (5/5 Stars)

Definitely one of the best tools to pick up, and this course does an excellent job of delivering the information. The difference in clarity and ease of workflow that sends/subgroups give, and the way it’s presented here, are absolutely worth every penny.

Glenn Blackley (4.5/5 Stars)

I do these courses to learn new things and this course delivered that. There were some complex concepts that were covered and Riley explanations were much more helpful than others I have seen. He was well organised with what was covered and I didn’t feel my time was wasted. Great course for FL Studio uses – but a shame that Third Party plugins were mainly used.

So what do we cover in this course?

  • The mindset of a producer, and reflecting on your goals and motives behind creating music.  (Is this a hobby, or are you wanting to make money from the industry?)
  • Preparing your producer name/brand before launching to the public.
  • How to use FL Studio like a pro.  We cover all the details that are necessary to excel, as well as tons of keyboard shortcuts to speed you up!
  • Music Theory and Piano from a BEATMAKER’s perspective.  Learn what is necessary to keep your music in time, what notes you’re allowed to play, and how to be creative behind your melody creation.
  • Creating amazing drum loops with Safe Spots™ – Safe Spots is a term I’ve coined over the years to describe where we can place sounds within our drum loop for them to sound good and in time.  In addition, various organic tools inside your DAW to fine-tune a drum loop to your exact desire.
  • Arrangement and thinking in terms of emotion with Audio Painting™ – Audio Painting is another term I’ve coined over the years which teaches the student how to think in terms of the listener’s perspective.  We need to always communicate with our listener, and prepare them for what’s next in our song.
  • Understanding the mixer, routing audio around with subgroups and sends, and being organized through color-coding/labeling.
  • Mastering your music to compete with others in the industry.  We cover a mastering chain, loudness normalization (LUFS), and the mastering process.
  • Where to buy high-quality sounds and structure yourself.
  • How digital audio works.

We cover the fundamentals which are absolutely necessary to take this craft of Music Production seriously.

There’s a 30-Day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

This course will teach you TONS and get you up-and-running with best practices about music production and FL Studio.

Hopefully see you in the course,

# GratuiTous

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