Essential Gear Needed to Make Beats

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This Music Production Equipment Course will teach you how to buy music equipment for making beats on your computer at home.  You will learn all the core essential beatmaking equipment producers actually need in the music studio to ensure a fast workflow and professional sound.

You have to be very careful when buying music gear, as there is TONS of marketing “promising” a certain sound or quality, but many times it truly is just “marketing”.  It’s all about knowing the tools you need for your style of beatmaking, and having the basic equipment to get up and running!

This how to buy music gear for FL Studio Beatmakers course may even save you money by avoiding costly mistakes, and even teaching tricks like taking advantage of music production bundles to reduce cost!

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Lessons: 19Time: 2 HoursSkill Level: Beginner

Learn the Essential Gear Needed to Make Beats

I hope you found this course before you started to buy any music production gear.

Over my years of producing music, I’ve made some poor and good purchasing choices.

In this course I want to relay my knowledge onto you in regards to buying high quality gear, saving money, and choosing the products that suit you and your workflow.

We discuss all the essential gear for the home studio including:

  • MIDI Keyboard
  • Speakers
  • Audio Interface
  • DAW
  • Audio Cables

As a bonus, I also included extra videos where I share gear and tools that are nice to have to either improve your workflow or make your sessions more comfortable.

I guess you could consider this course an investment in your future because it may actually save you money from buying gear that doesn’t suit you, or paying for unnecessary features.

Let’s get started, shall we!

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