Essential-Gear-Needed-to-Make-Beats - FL Studio Course

Essential Gear Needed to Make Beats

This course will save you money. Purchase the right gear for FL Studio.

What’s Important in a MIDI Keyboard

A Midi Keyboard is The Main Hub of Your Studio

I always like to compare a MIDI Keyboard to being a pilot of a plane who has all their controls in front of them to operate the aircraft..

It’s no different for us music producers when we sit in front of our MIDI Keyboard that controls out music program.

Your MIDI Keyboard should have transport buttons, which can vary by brand/keyboard model, but transport buttons typically include:

  • Play/Pause
  • Stop
  • Forward
  • Reverse
  • Loop (Very important in FL Studio to switch between Pattern/Song Mode).

This is important to have a fast workflow and be able to record, play, and stop on demand.

As a music producer, you will be playing and stopping ALL THE TIME.. you NEED to have this in front of you quickly.

Mandatory Things a MIDI Keyboard Should Have (In My Opinion):

Inside FL Studio, I think a MIDI Keyboard must have:

  • 49-Keys Minimum (Anything smaller is too restrictive.. and I’d say a 61-Key MAX.. I personally use a 49-Key, and strongly recommend it)
  • Semi-Weighted Piano Keys
  • Transport Buttons (With the Loop Button)

Now you have to be careful because companies JAM-PACK features into MIDI Keyboards, and can really jack-up the price!

But FL Studio most often does not take advantage of new MIDI Keyboard technologies.

We just need good piano keys and transport buttons (with Loop). If you follow these guidelines, you will get a great MIDI Keyboard that was affordable, and very high-quality still.

I have personally tested this list of MIDI Keyboards for FL Studio below. It’s not easy finding semi-weighted keys on a 49-Key MIDI Keyboard, but all of my suggestions have semi-weighted 49-keys.

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Essential-Gear-Needed-to-Make-Beats - FL Studio Course

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