Musical Rhythms


This beatmaking course focuses on how to overcome beat block.

Beat-block is like writer’s block for beatmakers.  If you find yourself getting stuck when making beats, and can’t come up with ideas, it’s simply because you do not know the rhythms available to you as a producer.

Musical Rhythms course was created due to student feedback saying they don’t know how to make new melodies, or that their beats keep sounding the same.  This is because they are not studying the different types of rhythms producers have available to them.. simply put, where you’re allowed to place your sounds when clicking in your MIDI Notes!

Discover how to program powerful melodies, different types of sound placement, as well as different melody techniques like arpeggios, stabs, syncopation (off beat), while also touching a bit on sound selection.

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Lessons: 13Time: 1.5 HoursSkill Level: Intermediate

This course will reveal to you some popular musical patterns we producers have available to us.

If you keep getting stuck when trying to make your beats, I’m going to teach you how to beat producers block.

The trick is knowing the different types of patterns available so you can simply mix and match to literally put the pieces of the puzzle together until you have the perfect fit for your song.

I think the biggest hindrance new producers have is just not knowing how to blend their sound selection together, how to play certain instruments, and how to make all their loops sound like an actual song.

If I could have a moment of your time, I can show you these musical rhythms I am talking about to help you overcome beatmaker’s block, and paving the way to tons of creativity in your music!

The course has two sections:

  • We go through each musical pattern one by one, revealing what they are, where you should use them in your music, and what they can sound like.
  • We then create our own beat using these principals you were previously taught, revealing how powerful being able to mix and match these musical rhythms can be.  (Also, how easy it makes making music!)

Are you ready to learn these Musical Rhythms?

Enroll now, and I’ll see you inside!

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