How to Make Drum Loops for Beginners

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How to make drum loops for beginners course.  Learn the secrets of drum loop creation in FL Studio step-by-step with GratuiTous who created the SAFE SPOTS Drum Loop Training Curriculum.

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Lessons: 9Time: 2 Hours 5 MinsSkill Level: Beginner

Ready to learn how to create drum loops for beginners, in a simple course?

This drum loop training for beats includes:

  • How to make a dance drum loop in FL Studio (30 minute video!)
  • How to make a rap drum loop in FL Studio (30 minute video!)

The dance drum loop video uses stock FL Studio sounds located in the Packs folder of FL Studio’s Browser!  The Rap Drum Loop uses Third-Party sounds to share the difference third-party drum samples can make.

If you’re BRAND-NEW to producing, this premium drum loop tutorial teaches step-by-step how to click sounds into FL Studio’s Step Sequencer and truly understand sound placement.

You’ll not just learn how to make a drum loop in FL Studio, but understand sound selection, how to choose sounds for a drum loop, and modifying a sound to make it fit in a drum loop!

Easy Drum Loop Course for Beatmakers

This course focuses on using one-shot drum samples to create custom drum loops that are 100% original.. we do not use loops!

Learning to use one-shot drum samples to make drum loops is absolutely essential to becoming a good producer.. which takes a lot of work and practice!

Drum loops for beginners course will allow you to truly understand how to make a good drum loop for dance and hip-hop beats.

You’ll learn the secrets of Sound Placement through GratuiTous’ own teaching concept called SAFE SPOTS, revealing where you’re allowed to click sounds into FL Studio’s Channel Rack (Step Sequencer) for amazing drum loops every time!

Enroll into this premium drum loop course to transform your drum loops into amazing hard-hitting beats!

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