How to Make Drum Loops for Beginners Course (FL Studio)

How to Make Drum Loops for Beginners

How to make drum loops for beginners course.  Learn the secrets of drum loop creation in FL Studio step-by-step with…

Making Drum Loops [OVERVIEW]

This video shares what we’ll be covering in this Drum Loops for Beginners Course.

I share where to find the FREE DRUM SAMPLES in FL Studio. (Which are located in the Browser under Packs).

And the biggest takeaway is:

A drum loop by itself may not sound good.. but as soon as you add melodies, that’s when you really discover if the drum loop is going to work for that particular track!

Remember, a SONG has two parts:

  • Melodies
  • A Drum Loop

It’s the combination of these two parts that make up the song!

Again, we focus on ONE-SHOT DRUM SAMPLES in this course. The music industry is starting to use a lot of loops, which IS NOT PRODUCING.. using loops is just using another person’s work, and calling it your own.. 👎

By the end of this course you’ll learn:

  • How to Make a Dance Drum Loop
  • How to Make a Rap Drum Loop

And you’ll learn the secrets of Sound Placement with SAFE SPOTS!

P.S. – Here’s the Drum Bundle TRIO if you don’t own it yet!

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How to Make Drum Loops for Beginners Course (FL Studio)

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