How to Make Drum Loops for Beginners Course (FL Studio)

How to Make Drum Loops for Beginners

How to make drum loops for beginners course.  Learn the secrets of drum loop creation in FL Studio step-by-step with…

Making a Basic Drum Loop

This video reveals my secrets of making good drum loops!

Watch this full video to learn pro-tips of becoming a well-rounded producer. THIS IS A VIDEO TO PAY CLOSE ATTENTION IN!

The EASIEST WAY to Make a Drum Loop

Note, this video is for rap, hip-hop, and emotional kind of beats.. (dance beat training is coming in the next video).

So here’s the secret to making a good drum loop every time!

Put your KICK on BEAT 1.. then your SNARE on BEAT 2 and BEAT 4.

A Clap and Snare sound different, but are used for the same purpose.. to keep the beat in rhythm, but still add that emotion and driving force to our music.

Once your KICK is on BEAT 1, and your SNARE/CLAP on BEAT 2 and BEAT 4, you can now simply sprinkle the drum around the clap / snare to instantly make a quick drum loop!

From there, add in your closed hi-hat, then work off that for other percussion elements!

The beginning of this video is important..

I told you there’s two ways to start a beat..

  • Start with the DRUM LOOP first…
  • Or.. Start with your MELODIES first..

My best advice is try making beats both ways because you learn to become a REALLY WELL-ROUNDED PRODUCER!

If you only learn to make a beat a certain way, you won’t learn how to adapt.. and as a producer, you need to train your ear for what is catchy, and what the beat is missing.

By learning with a drum loop first (then adding melodies second).. then in a new beat, starting with melodies first (then the drum loop second).. This will help you become a really good producer because you can learn to jump into a beat at any point!


Start with your KICK on BEAT 1 and put your SNARE on BEAT 2 and BEAT 4.. from there, simply sprinkle the drum around the snare to make powerful drum loops every time!

One thing I forgot to mention in this course is that it’s very rare to play your KICK at the same time as a SNARE in a rap beat.. This is not a hard-set rule.. so feel free to try it if you’d like.. But for a dance drum loop, the KICK and SNARE always play ON-BEAT for BEAT 2 and BEAT 4, because that’s just how dance drum loops work.

There’s no firm reason for this in rap beats, but usually the kick drum bounces off the snare/clap.. but I have made beats where the kick and snare play at the same time.. I’m just sharing what’s “common” !

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How to Make Drum Loops for Beginners Course (FL Studio)

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