Xclusive-Audio: Drum Bundle TRIO

$149.97 $37.00

Most of my courses feature Xclusive-Audio sounds.

Grab the EXACT sounds I use!

Special pricing from Xclusive-Audio to my community!

High-quality drums are the pinnacle to quality productions, and make mixing easy!

These sounds are not hype, they are the real deal.

I’ve known Xavier over at Xclusive-Audio for many years.

I first discovered Xclusive-Audio in my early days of doing FL Studio tutorials through; I held a contest, which Xavier competed in. (Xavier is the CEO of Xclusive-Audio.)

The contest was held over a week, and titled: “THE LOOP GAME”.

Contestants had to take a loop and make a beat out of it.

They could chop the loop into slices, reverse it, whatever.. only their melody could be from the loop, though!

Anyway.. on the last day of the contest, Xavier submitted an entry.

He absolutely killed it. Votes came in fast. Xavier took first.

Here’s his beat submission to THE LOOP GAME:

My Beatstruggles comment is still on the song from 8 years ago!

Just listen to that beat!  That was Xavier from Xclusive-Audio’s submission.

Did you hear those drums around 0:31s? Like.. wowww!

At around 0:22s, you’ll hear the arrangement change. The way that reverse cymbal brings in those drum hits in that part of the song.. that’s art right there!


Inside Drum Bundle TRIO:

YOU GET THREE SOUND KITS (Over 2,300 Sounds!):

Click a button for more info on each drum kit:

Special Insider Pricing:

I’ve asked Xavier @ Xclusive-Audio to hit you up with a discount!

He allowed this only to my FL Studio community.

I hope you enjoy!

P.S. – Once you find good drum samples, there’s no going back.

When I found Xclusive-Audio, I became a customer for life.

# GratuiTous

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