Survival Drum Kit

Sounds: 591+Size: 760 MB24-Bit .WAV/44.1kHzHip-Hop, Urban, Rap


Are you looking for some of the nicest drum samples for your music?

Survival Drum Kit by Xclusive-Audio is of incredible quality and versatility in your music.

Also available in the Drum Bundle TRIO.


This drum kit is full of one-shot drum samples, but also includes a bonus folder of drum loops to chop up and use how you’d like!

If you are tired of weak sounding drums, snares, claps, and percussion elements, it’s time to step-up your game with Survival Drum Kit.

Full of so much variety and hard hitting sounds, your beats will instantly improve the first beat you make with this kit!


– 139 Slamming Kicks
– 87 Cracking Snares
– 94 Smacking Claps
– 91 Open & Closed Hi-Hats
– 46 Cymbals & Toms
– 134 Percussion Samples
– 126 Drum Loops

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