SAFE SPOTS: Create Amazing Drum Loops [COURSE]


Welcome to my Drum Loops for Beatmakers Course called SAFESPOTS.

SAFESPOTS is GratuiTous’ own teaching method for understanding how to make drum loops for producers using FL Studio to understand sound placement (where you’re allowed to place your sounds when making drum loops), and ensure your music is ALWAYS in time.

You’ll also learn about your different types of sounds, and how to make your drum loops sound full BEFORE using plugins with the FREE TOOLS inside your DAW which GratuiTous called your ORGANIC TOOLS.

SAFESPOTS is a drum loop course curriculum for beatmakers who want to learn to make custom drum loops with one-shot drum samples.  There is also a SAFESPOTS Book available for purchase in addition to this SAFESPOTS Drum Loop Course!

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Lessons: 10Time: 1 Hour 10 MinsSkill Level: Intermediate

Want to learn how to make good drum loops for beats?

Let me introduce SAFE SPOTS™.

SAFE SPOTS is my premium drum loop training, specifically aimed at beatmakers.

This course will teach you how to program drum loops in FL Studio’s Channel Rack (Step Sequencer)!

SAFE SPOTS™ allow you to place sounds in your drum loop for them to sound good no matter what.

You may ask, how is that possible?

Well, if you think about it:  Music production is all about patterns, right?

If we look at common patterns, and where producers place their sounds within these patterns, we can then get a general idea of where we can place our sounds to sound good within our songs!

Pretty simple, right?

And, with my method of explaining SAFE SPOTS™, it gives a further clarification of where and how we can place our sounds within a drum loop.

So is that all we learn?

No way!

Learning WHERE to place your sounds is just the first step.

We then learn about the ORGANIC TOOLS to further enhance a drum loop.

Why do I call them ORGANIC TOOLS?  Because they’re ABSOLUTELY FREE inside of any DAW!

We’re talking about:

  • Velocity
  • Panning
  • Layering
  • Note Nudging
  • Swing
  • Sound Selection
  • Sound Placement

If you’ve been producing for a couple of years, you may think, “These tools aren’t special?”.

But do you know what?  You’re wrong.

These ORGANIC TOOLS are the difference between an average drum loop to a professional sounding drum loop.

Placing your sounds is just one piece of the puzzle.

You then have to venture into each sound’s organic tools to further mold your drum track for the perfect fit into your song.

I’ve been producing music for over 10 years now, having worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated artist, and releasing 17+ FL Studio premium courses.

Let me show you how to use SAFE SPOTS™ and these ORGANIC TOOLS to bring your drum loops to their fullest potential.

Enroll into the course, and I’ll talk to you inside!

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