SAFE-SPOTS-Create-Amazing-Drum-Loops - Drum Loop Course

SAFE SPOTS: Create Amazing Drum Loops [COURSE]

Welcome to my┬áDrum Loops for Beatmakers Course called SAFESPOTS. SAFESPOTS is GratuiTous' own teaching method for understanding how to make…

Layering: Depth, Variety, and Fullness

Want to know a secret of an amazing beatmaker?


When we talk about layering, it can be anything from layering different synths, different pianos, a guitar and a pad, or when it comes to our drum loop hits!

In this video, I even showed you how to route your sounds into the mixer, create a subgroup, and then apply effects on that subgroup to help these percussion layers fit a little better.

Sorry, the tambourine loop didn’t turn out great (it’s hard creating a course and making everything sound good, too!)

But, I hope you got the general idea of how to approach layering, and the power it can bring to your drum loops and overall song.

Layering can add more power to hits, create crunch, clarity, and an overall fuller sound.

If your tracks are sounding thin, or you feel like they’re missing something, try layering instruments or percussion elements and see how that works out for you!

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SAFE-SPOTS-Create-Amazing-Drum-Loops - Drum Loop Course

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