Creating Organic Beats


Here’s a make a beat from scratch course for you, but with a very unique approach.. the whole beat is created from a single guitar note!

We start off this beat from beginning to end course by recording a single guitar note into a microphone, importing that into our DAW (FL Studio), then I show you how to take your sound design skills to the next level by re-using this single guitar note for our various instruments that sound very different from one another.

Making a beat this way really pushes your mixing and sound design skills as it’s important each instrument is unique sounding, otherwise you get sound clashing when mixing!

Learn to make beats different from everyone else, and learn this very cool approach to making beats, which I call Organic Beats Course.

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Lessons: 24Time: 1.5 HoursSkill Level: Intermediate

Organic Beats will teach you how to take a single note, which we record together, and create a full composition out of!

Nowadays, a lot of producers are trying to achieve that ‘EDM sound’.  Well, not this course!  Organic Beats is a very unique music course.

Course Process:

We start this course off by actually recording a piano and guitar note together!

We move into editing this note, showing my personal preferences to achieve the best quality in your recording.

I then show how to sculpt and mold this sound for optimal use!  When playing by itself, the note isn’t too usable, but after applying the techniques shown in Section 4 ‘Sculpting Our Sound’, this sound becomes a deeply emotional element.

We then get into building our beat, all while you are shown how to mold, shape, and carve space for each new instrument we create.

You even learn complex mixer routing, which is beautifully labelled, and gives an amazing workflow!

I’ve also included a bonus video getting you started arranging your song for that professional sound.  [Arrangement is just as much a factor as the actual composition!]

Course Content

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