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A Specific Music Production Folder

Learn File Management for Music Production..

Discover my solid custom music folder for FL Studio users.. easily transfer to a new computer, know where all your music files are, and be organized for the long-term!

If you’re like me, you’re sick and tired of this error:

Some data files required by this project could not be located

Then this is why I’ve created this course.

This course is about creating a Music Production Folder that keeps you organized as a producer.

I’ve finally discovered how to prevent missing files in FL Studio which not only prevent this error, but keep you super organized for backups, and into the future of your producing career.

It’s extremely important that you start with this Music Production Folder early in your career to prevent having to reorganize and scramble up your files and folders.

If you’re ready to spend more time creating your music than organizing it and finding missing files, enroll into this course and let’s get started.

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A Specific Music Production Folder


A-Specific-Music-Production-Folder - FL Studio Course
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