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Windows Shortcuts for Music Producers

Ready to have TRUE confidence while using Windows 10?

Learn valuable Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to quickly access folders, navigate files, and how to type and edit text VERY fast!

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Windows Shortcuts for Music Producers Course Testimonial
Student Testimonial..

Keyboard shortcuts are a must-know no matter what program you are using on your computer.

Keyboard shortcuts save the user time by reducing clicks, and allowing you to access a window or feature in a matter of a “hotkey button”, rather than using your mouse to navigate which can be tedious, tiring, and takes long!

We as music producers don’t just make beats.  We are CONSTANTLY writing emails, managing files, and using the Windows operating system.. if you are continually doing repetitive tasks, this course is meant to teach you about Windows Shortcuts all from a MUSIC PRODUCER’S perspective!

Whether we producers are researching new equipment to buy, making beats, or backing up our files, there are a few must-know keyboard shortcuts that can quickly improve your efficiency on a computer..  In only 45 minutes, this course will quickly teach you my favorite keyboard shortcuts in Windows to help you type faster, open and close windows faster, and improve your beatmaking game by making more time, saving you clicks, and becoming tremendously fast on a computer!

No matter what software you’re using, this Windows Keyboard Shortcuts course will give you confidence on a computer like never before!

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Windows Shortcuts for Music Producers


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