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    Sound Design Basics 101

    • Discover The Three Principles of Sound Design
    • Learn Any Synth After Taking This Course
  • FL Studio Ultimate Template Creation Guide Book

    FL Studio Ultimate Template Creation Guide


    You always hear that “creating a template in FL Studio” will save you so much time!

    It’s true!  It does!

    However.. there is also a downside to a template.. it can become “bloated”.

    This book will teach you the difference between a good and bad decision to add to your FL Studio template, as I tell you about my “growing template” that has continually evolved with me through my 10+ years of using FL Studio.

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    Song Structure and Arrangement Music Course


    Song structure is what makes your song.
    Don’t skimp.  Also, don’t rush it.  Take your time.

  • Creating-Organic-Beats - FL Studio Course

    Creating Organic Beats


    Want to create different beats from everyone?
    We make a whole beat, from a single guitar note.

  • Sale! All-About-Filters - FL Studio Course

    All About Filters


    Filter’s are a little tricky.. They’re just an EQ band.
    If you move it with automation, you’re going big!

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