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FL Studio Ultimate Template Creation Guide


You always hear that “creating a template in FL Studio” will save you so much time!

It’s true!  It does!

However.. there is also a downside to a template.. it can become “bloated”.

This book will teach you the difference between a good and bad decision to add to your FL Studio template, as I tell you about my “growing template” that has continually evolved with me through my 10+ years of using FL Studio.

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Have you ever wanted to create a template in your music program (in our case, FL Studio), to create your beats faster, make mixing easier, and have all your mastering plugins laid out right in front of you?

In my early years of producing music, I came across this “amazing idea” to create a template. Turns out years later, this idea wasn’t so “amazing”.

What was wrong with this idea of a template?

Well, yeah, it saved tons of time, but my template became bloated! It made loading up projects slow, and actually hindered my own work flow toward my productions!

My goal of this book is to teach you about my “growing template” I’ve continually fine-tuned over the years.

Now, here’s the thing. Each producer is different. Their work flow, their approach, their sound is different, but the end result I’m striving to get across to you is to be careful how you create this template, which is very important to do for work flow.

I teach you the difference between a good and bad decision to include in this template, one that will benefit you now, and in the long run.

Come learn how to create a template that evolves with you as a producer throughout your production career. A template that save you time, tedious clicks and tasks, and allows you to focus the majority of your time on your craft.

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FL Studio Ultimate Template Creation Guide


FL Studio Ultimate Template Creation Guide Book

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