Piano Lessons for Producers


Piano for Producers Course teaches piano improvisation for beatmakers, focusing on creating melodies on MIDI Keyboards in beats.

This piano course focuses on piano for music producers with both hands, with a heavy focus on improvisation.  We cover how chords work, music theory, and how piano relates to MUSIC PRODUCERS!

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Lessons: 28Time: 4 HoursSkill Level: Intermediate

Learn Piano as a Beatmaker

Did you know beatmakers and classical piano players play the piano different?

If you’re watching YouTube tutorials about “classical piano tips”, you WILL NOT learn how to play piano as a beatmaker!

This course teaches how to learn piano to make beats, and is just like taking piano lessons (which you can re-watch over and over!).

You get immediate streaming access and the download (for offline viewing!)

We cover improvisation, and how to create catchy melodies, specifically aimed at music producers wanting to play piano to make beats.

🎹 This piano course focuses on playing with BOTH RIGHT AND LEFT HANDS!

GratuiTous is a RECOGNIZED FL STUDIO TRAINER who’s been teaching music production since 2011!


Many 5 Star Reviews!!

Learn Piano for Beatmakers and Producers has received MANY 5-STAR REVIEWS!

  • [Fantastic course. I had a hunch that trying to learn to play classic piano wasn’t really going to help me produce. This course solidified that and I’m now on my way to actually making great music. I highly recommend this course. – Chad Fox (5/5)]
  • [This is what i been looking for!! Thanks!! – Gina Sloan (5/5)]
  • [The content so far is excellent and understandable so with a little practice I can achieve my personal goal I set at the beginning of the course. Awesome course!!!! – Rob Young (5/5)]
  • [Riley (GratuiTous) is a great instructor. I have a done 1 on 1 with him in the past regarding vocal mixing and a bit of mastering and he knows his stuff. If you are a beatmaker and have little to no experience with playing the piano and want to learn for production or just to learn to play the piano this course is for you! This course brought my music productions back to life – Andrew D Brown (5/5)]

So what’s all covered in this course, and what’s all the hype about?  Why such good reviews?

Well, I’ve been creating music production courses for many years now, and students continually tell me I’m able to break down concepts which relates to the real world of music production!

💡 What You’ll Learn:

You see, beatmakers don’t require sheet music, and we practice piano much different than a classical piano player would.

Many YouTube tutorials about how to play piano for beatmaking often relate to SHEET MUSIC.. or very basic piano skills that DON’T HELP US BEATMAKERS!

Trust me, I was at that point in my music career, too!

Yes, classical piano players and beatmakers both use a piano to make music, but music producers need to focus on two main areas:

  • IMPROVISATION (create melodies on the fly, know what notes you can play; spontaneity)
  • CATCHY LOOPS (we need to train our ear to know what is catchy, and how to combine multiple loops to create a song arrangement.)

Piano Lessons for Producers course focuses on what is necessary to learn piano for music production with these two main concepts.

There is absolutely no prior knowledge of a piano required to take this course, as everything is covered from beginning to end.

🎹 Piano Lessons for Music Production

We start at the basics, explaining how a piano works, how notes on a piano work, how to play chords, but keep referencing back to music production, and how a piano actually relates to music production.

Remember, we don’t just use piano sounds when making beats.. we can be using strings, horns, basslines, pianos, guitars, pads, etc..

For example, did you know playing an instrument up or down an octave can help the mixing stage?  It prevents instruments from clashing in the same frequencies!

Now, you may ask: Is it necessary to learn piano for music production?

The answer is actually no…  You can just click notes in to make beats, but it takes FOREVER, and is much harder to create beautiful compositions.

I’d say yes, piano is necessary to become a great music producer.

Here’s what Piano Lesson for Producers course covers:

  • Differences between beatmakers and classical piano players
  • How a piano works
  • How to make practicing fun on a piano
  • Learning and Interaction (I show you cool tricks you can use, then how to practice using them.)
  • How to actually play a piano to make beats (we even create a beat in this section!)
  • How to play with both the right and left hand together, and improvise!
  • Tips to practice the piano efficiently

You’ll learn how to play piano for producers.  The course is like taking piano lessons for producers, but you can pause anytime to practice yourself and come back!

If you’ve searched for these questions, then this course is for you:

  • Learn music production piano online
  • How to make beats on the piano
  • Music theory for beginners
  • Piano lessons for producers
  • Learn keyboard for music production

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