Forgotten Gems – Sylenth1 Bundle

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This bundle has 5 Sylenth1 Banks (104 Sylenth1 Presets).

These Sylenth1 Presets allow for extremely powerful melodies and emotion.

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Sounds: 104Size: 89.3 KBType: .FXBStyle: Hip-Hop, Dance, Rap

You can hear the demo beats I created using only the presets from this Sylenth1 Bank Bundle!

Click a title below to learn more about that bank.

Sylenth1 – Endure:


Sylenth1 – Momentum:


Sylenth1 – Persistence:


Sylenth1 – Pursuit:


Sylenth1 – Venture:


Are you looking for awesome Sylenth1 presets to make hip-hop beats, dance beats, and rap beats?

I created these presets with the purpose of having strong presets that have character.

This SYLENTH1 FORGOTTEN GEMS BUNDLE will give you a well-rounded set of instruments while making your beats!

You will receive 5 Sylenth1 Banks for a total of 104 Sylenth1 Presets!

These will make your beatmaking and melody creation much easier!

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