Sylenth1 – Momentum

Sounds: 22Size: 17KBType: .FXBStyle: Dance, Rap


Momentum is a Sylenth1 Preset Bank featuring extremely powerful presets for melodies.

The secret to this bank is going up and down octaves until the notes sound powerful.

Momentum Sylenth1 Bank by GratuiTous is great for dance/trance music, or even emotional hip-hop.

Please listen to this demo beat to hear what is capable with Momentum:

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Here are the presets you will receive inside Momentum Sylenth1 Bank:

  • 3 Bass Presets (Great for Dance or Up-Beat Rap)
  • 1 Pad (for best results, play a chord up higher, and only 1 note on the left hand for the bass)
  • 4 Plucks (2 Awesome Plucks, 1 SFX pluck, and 1 very powerful emotional pluck..)
  • 13 Leads (These are SO POWERFUL!)
  • 1 Arpeggio (dial in how fast/slow under “ARPEG” tag in Sylenth1!)

View the second image above to see the preset names!

Momentum is also included in my SYLENTH1 FORGOTTEN GEMS BUNDLE

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