Make a Beat From Scratch Course Vol. 1 by GratuiTous

Make a Beat From Scratch Vol. 1

Looking for a┬ámake a beat from scratch course? This is the perfect beatmaking course for beginners, intermediate, or advanced producers.…

Finding a Melody on the Piano

After learning the hardware setup for the best way to practice as a piano.. I now share how I practice on a piano as a beatmaker over a drum loop.

You will see how much control I have over the audio with the mixer.. adjusting effects, EQ, etc.

This makes practicing a lot more fun (as practicing is boring), and puts me in a real situation that a producer would be in in the real world!

Sit back and watch as I improvise because of years of practice of only 5-15 minutes each day..

Before learning to make beats, I did not know how to play piano like this.. it was only because I discovered beatmaking after high school.. found out about beatmaking.. and realized.. producers need to know piano to make professional beats..

After learning how chords and melodies worked.. it was then about building that MUSCLE MEMORY that I shared in the last video’s write-up..

Sadly.. in this video I didn’t find that “melody” for our beat (as it’s hard to talk, record, and improvise all at the same time), but that’s okay, because once you learn improvisation, you will see in our beatmaking video it’s all about matching a powerful melody to the drum loop..

Enjoy the video! It’s taken me YEARS to get to this point.. and you can get here, too.. just don’t give up, keep practicing, and stay focused!

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Make a Beat From Scratch Course Vol. 1 by GratuiTous

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