A ROMpler is by far my favorite type of virtual instrument to use. It’s simple, and allows beatmakers to select high-quality sounds.

ROMplers allow beatmakers to select high-quality presets FAST to focus on creating their catchy melodies.

Are ROMplers Good?

ROMplers are a phenomenal way to learn beatmaking because you simply just select a preset and you’re on your way to trying to find a catchy melody.

You see, so many beatmakers get stuck thinking they need to learn sound design, when they don’t even know how to make a beat in FL Studio! They get stuck in a vicious circle of doing both sound design and beatmaking, and that’s not how you do it.

Just bare in mind, that ROMplers don’t allow you to learn synthesis and sound design too well, but they are not intended for that purpose.

A golden rule I tell my students is that not everyone can make a beat.. you want to learn to make a beat.. and that’s why a ROMpler is the perfect choice of Virtual Instrument when starting.. you can focus on learning HOW TO MAKE A BEAT!

Focusing on Wise Sound Selection

If you want to know one of the biggest secrets of making high-quality beats, that’s understanding wise sound selection when selecting sounds in your Virtual Instruments.

As music producers, we only have a certain frequency spectrum to work in.. and it’s important we spread our sounds all around to make mixing easier, and have a very full sounding mix. (This includes drum samples).

What are the Best ROMpler VSTs?

Well, FL Studio has recently released FLEX. It’s an amazing ROMpler that is still in its early stages when it comes to sounds available, but it’s the PERFECT choice when you are starting up.

Nexus by reFX is also a great ROMpler.. it is probably my favorite ROMpler because of its high-quality, ease of use, and long history in the industry.

I’ve been using Nexus since Nexus 2, and cannot say how easy it has allowed beatmaking by the vast array of sounds.. everything from dance sounds to orchestra, to beautiful pianos, harps, guitars, basslines, and absolute essential sounds to be extremely versatile as a producer.

Nexus 3 by reFX - ROMpler Virtual Instrument
Nexus 3 by reFX.. They are now on Version 4 (which many people who already owned Nexus 3 were not happy with the upgrade.. however, I personally say if you do not own Nexus at all, Nexus 4 is definitely worth the purchase..)

I do caution you when buying Nexus in regards to their bundle options.. You can learn more on my favorite Virtual Instruments page.

Closing Out About Popular ROMplers for Beatmaking

So these are the ROMplers which I personally use and recommend.

There are a couple other ones like Omnisphere by Spectronics and Kontakt also has many great options, too.. but I recommend the two listed are what I’ve personally used, and can guarantee they are enjoyable to use and give you a great sound.

If you are looking for beatmaking training, checkout my FL Studio courses.. or my Beatmaking Books!

Hope you enjoyed the video.. go get’em tiger 😂