In this article, I will share how to set up FL Studio for good recording.

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When you install FL Studio for the first time, you are presented with a recording dialog pop-up window asking what you want to record (I usually select EVERYTHING):

FL Studio Recording Dialog Popup
If you pressed Don’t ask this in the future when selecting Everything, you can re-open this recording dialog pop-up window by holding ALT + LEFT CLICK on the Recording button!

Right-Clicking the Record Button

Another option to set up your recording settings is to simply right-click the record button at the top of FL Studio, which you can see in the image:

FL Studio Recording Settings - Panel Recording Filter and Options

Simply right-click the record button, and apply the settings I have above.. These are what I use for a great workflow in FL Studio!

ASIO Driver for Lowest Recording Latency

Now, you may want to read my how to record with no latency in FL Studio article.

But in short, you want to make sure you select an ASIO Driver.

Select ASIO Driver in FL Studio Audio Tab Settings

On the image above, also select Buffer Length, and you’ll want to put it the lowest your computer can handle without UNDERRUNS.

You will notice, though, that you will still experience at a bit of latency. So the best solution is to buy an audio interface with a DIRECT MONITORING KNOB.

Those are Good FL Studio Recording Settings

And that’s it!

Select an ASIO Driver for great performance in FL Studio, but also make sure your recording settings are set up the way I showed in the images above.

You can right-click the RECORD BUTTON at the top of FL Studio to access the “Recording filter” settings, or simply hold ALT + LEFT CLICK on the record button at the top of FL Studio to re-open the recording dialog pop-up window.

Let me know if you have any questions about the best FL Studio recording settings for vocals or MIDI below!

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