Put Audio in the REAR to Have a Better Conversation

As music producers, we listen to our own music A LOT.. and we often want to share our music with friends and family if we ever drive in the same vehicle..

But the problem is we often have many things to say, and the music gets in the way.. but you want to share your new beat..

Hearing Audio Loud WITHOUT Distraction!

Here’s a really cool music production tip when it comes to car audio.. and that’s adjusting the FADE in your car audio system.

Here’s the problem.. when speakers are at the same level as the conversation, the audio fights with the normal conversation. That’s why restaurants have the speakers ABOVE for audio ambience so it doesn’t conflict with hearing your important conversations clearly!

Yet.. you can still hear the music enjoyably!

FADE (also FADER sometimes).. is moving your audio to the front or back speakers.

If you use FADE to put the audio more to the rear speakers than to the front speakers, you will be able to have a good clear conversation with loud audio because the audio isn’t upfront fighting with your conversation.

Balance is like Panning (left and right audio).. but I always keep my music center in a vehicle

Make Sure to Reset Back to Normal When Listening Normally..

Now as a music producer, it’s important to listen to our music in familiar environment. Our goal is TRANSLATION in our music so it sounds good on ANY audio system! This will allows us to hear what we need to do in our mix!

So when make sure to adjust your car audio system back to normal when you’re driving alone so you can accurately critique your music to other music.

Remember, as music producers, it’s ALL ABOUT TRANSLATION in our beats.

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