Premium FL Studio Template

FL Studio Template Version 2 by GratuiTous
Premium FL Studio Template V2

A Lightweight FL Studio Template Focused on Fast Workflow for Producers who Make Beats, Mix & Master.

Welcome to my Premium FL Studio Template help area!

My FL Studio Template evolves as I progress as a producer, which can be purchased to follow my FL Studio Workflow, especially if you watch my FL Studio Courses.

Premium FL Studio Template V2 for Purchase by GratuiTous
FL Studio Template V2 Screenshot

My FL Template is aimed at reducing mouse clicks at the beginning of a project to maximize creativity and stay focused on beatmaking. Once the beat is complete, the template easily transitions to Mixing & Mastering all inside one project.

It’s very lightweight, and reduces common task mouse clicks which quickly add up in a project, like setting up sends, and a Mastering Chain.

Version 2 is a free upgrade for Version 1 FL Template customers.

Version 2 fixed shortcomings of Version 1 which I kept running into in mixing & mastering after beatmaking.. I literally used PENCIL CRAYONS to solve the issues:

FL Studio Template v2 Planning Drawing of Audio Signal Flow
Picture of my Audio Signal Proof-of-Concept Diagram for FL Studio Template V2.0

FAST FL Studio Template Workflow!

My Premium FL Studio Template is very easy to use, and comes with practice projects, and an overview video teaching how to use it.

This FL Template is my personal workflow which helps me complete each stage of the music production process fast with LESS clicks, with and less setup time!

This is not a “done-for-you” template which loads tons of plugins, or the best FL Studio Template.. It’s the exact workflow from my FL Studio Courses!

Please use my FL Studio Template Help Articles to learn more about my FL Template!

They cover how to install a FL Studio Template, the Benefits of a FL Studio Template, and the Difference between Version 1 and Version 2.

See the latest updates in my FL Studio Template CHANGELOG.

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