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FL Studio Template Version 2 by GratuiTous
Premium FL Studio Template V2

How to a Install a Template in FL Studio

This article shares how to install my Premium FL Studio Template.

Where Do I Put FL Studio Templates?

Documents/Image-Line/FL Studio/Projects/Templates

FL Studio Template Installation Location is the same for Windows & Mac Users. Custom FL Studio Templates are located in your User Data Folder.

FL Template Folder – Best Practices

FL Studio has its own default templates which are installed in Program Files/Image-Line/FL Studio, but to install custom FL Studio Templates, we save them in the User Data Folder, which is in Documents/Image-Line/FL Studio/Projects/Templates.

You should be backing up your User Data Folder to keep FL Templates and any other custom FL Studio Files safe, which makes upgrading to a new computer easy.

Automatically Open FL Studio Template on New Projects

Once you’ve installed my FL Studio Template into your User Data Folder, follow these steps to automatically open up a FL Studio Project as default on each new project.

  • Go to FL Studio Settings (F10)
  • Select General tab
  • Scroll down to Miscellaneous
  • Under “Default-template”, select “GratuiTous-Template-V2”
  • Under “Startup project”, select “Default template”.

This ensures my Premium FL Studio Template loads default on new projects.

Common FL Studio Template Questions [FAQ]

I will use this section to answer common questions about FL Templates.

Custom Project Templates to File Menu

To get your custom FL Studio Template into FL Studio’s File > New from template, simply save a .flp into your User Data Folder, which is located in Documents/Image-Line. Your user FL Studio Templates are then located in /FL Studio/Projects/Templates.

Are FL Studio Templates and FL Studio Themes the Same?

No, FL Studio Templates are .flp projects that give a faster workflow when opening brand-new FL Studio Projects. FL Studio Custom Themes are a new feature in FL Studio 21 allowing you to change colors of the FL Studio user interface.

Save FL Studio Window Layout into FL Template

FL Studio does not store the window layout in templates.. however FL Studio can save the Window Layout in a particular way..

You have to go View > Arrange windows > Save custom layout.

Note it doesn’t look like you can save the FL Studio Window Layout into a file to export and import.. this “Save custom layout” seems to be for the computer’s install of FL Studio, which you can restore window layout if you’ve moved windows around.

How to Save a FL Studio Template

To create a FL Studio Template (your own FL Studio Template), create a new FL Studio Project and set it up however you’d like, then save the it in your User Data Folder:

Documents/Image-Line/FL Studio/Projects/Templates

That’s how to save a User FL Studio Preset. Make sure to set your “Default template” to load automatically in FL Studio’s Settings (F10) > General > Miscellaneous!

I also offer my Premium FL Studio Template.

What Makes a FL Studio Template Good?

You must be very careful in the template you use for music production.

Templates that promise to do everything are often very heavy and have increased load times when you switch between projects. Every production is unique, so it’s hard to create a template that covers everything, while being lightweight.

For example, if you always work on beats, but decide to include vocals in your song, and decide your template should also work for vocals, your template starts loading unnecessary plugins if you mainly make beats, but work on vocals occasionally.

After years of fine-tuning my FL Studio Template, I wrote a FL Studio Template Book explaining the pros and cons of what goes into a good music production template.

My current Premium FL Studio Template is aimed at making beats, which allows us to easily transition to mixing & mastering and reduce mouse clicks. It contains stock FL Studio plugins to load fast, which typically means they’re supported longest, too!

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