The main reason I wanted to make this episode is to share that after starting to teach beatmaking education with FL Studio full time, mindset and self-discipline are at an all time high for myself!

If you are wanting to somehow be involved in the music industry full time, you get the flexibility of more time, but you also get the weight of doing most of the work yourself!

This require knowledge and preparation in MANY AREAS rather than just knowing how to make music..

It’s important to be aware of your “Producer Health Meter”.. and question how you are feeling, where you are at, and maybe it’s time for a break.

Take that walk, read that book, or maybe play that video game for that hour or two that you need.

Just remember, you need to come back to do the work, but it’s about being prepared to do the work, with a well-rested mind.

If you rush things, that’s usually what your end result will be.. rushed.

Discover my tips on keeping yourself well-maintained for long-term efforts as a music producer.