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Podcast Season 2 - Music Production Made Simple

S2E8 – Ups and Downs of a Producer

Release Date: Oct 28, 2021

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Music Production Made Simple

[Episode S2E8: Description]

Being a music producer, you will see GREAT results in your first months, but once you start getting better.. you may not see such big increases in your skills. Keep at it, and do not give up, because the next time you do feel improvements with your music, you will be so happy you continued!!

You will CONSTANTLY be faced with these UPS and DOWNS as a music producer, so I tell you in this episode to be prepared for them, and we battle these ups and downs through education and practice.

Be prepared for new courses coming soon to my beatmaking training platform.. the new equipment is on its way, which I spent all last weekend researching.. (over 14 hours of research!).. but it will allow me to have reliable equipment for the long-term (hopefully!)

About the Author:  GratuiTous teaches producers how to use FL Studio, and become well-rounded producers.

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