Audio Painting: Communicating With Your Listener and Preparing Them For What’s Next in Your Song


As producers, we control our listener’s emotions.

Audio Painting teaches how each beat we producers make is a new canvas, where we can use our various tools, like a painter, to take our listener’s on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

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Audio Painting is a term coined by GratuiTous. A recording artist and producer who has worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated artist.

If you’ve been producing for awhile, you already know you can make a beat. But if you keep comparing your beats to commercial releases and feel that commercial releases just have that extra touch that yours don’t, it’s probably because they do.

Audio Painting takes a listener on a journey just as one would when looking at a real-life painting.

But in audio, we not only have different tools to take them on this journey, we have to force them to take this ride, just as if someone were to hop on a roller coaster.

The listener has no control over the ride, they just get to enjoy the experience; we producers are the ones building that roller coaster. We choose when the roller coaster builds up to that big drop, speeds through fast corners, or goes around a huge loop!

The biggest part we producers must understand is communication with our listeners, preparing them for what’s next in our song.

We communicate by how we arrange our song, where we place transitions and the type of transition used, and literally taking our listeners on an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end in our music.

Once you have your eyes opened to this concept, I believe you will have a much different outlook on your music productions.

Ready to learn about audio painting?

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