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FL Studio Template Version 2 by GratuiTous
Premium FL Studio Template V2

Differences Between V1 and V2 Premium FL Studio Template

This article covers Version 1 vs. Version 2 of FL Studio Template.

Version 1 was used in my FL Studio Courses before March 2024 (FL Studio 20).

Version 2 builds off Version 1, and adds a SUBMIX, SENDS are “Docked Right”, and gives my actual MASTER Chain & Toolbar! (V2 requires FL Studio 21)

Notable Changes in Version 2.0:

  • SUBMIX for Group Control, Parallel Mastering & Reference Tracks
  • Single Toolbar for More Vertical Space!
  • Mixer Insert Volume’s Reduced for More Control!
  • MASTER Insert Drag & Drop Components
  • Docked Sends Right (Open / Close for more space)
  • Tweaked Each Mixer Send Preset
    • Note, V1 had HQ Mode enabled on Parametric EQ2.. Sorry, this caused phase issues when combined back to the dry signal. (Fixed in V2).

Preface: Purpose of the FL Studio Template

A good FL Studio Template for beatmaking decreases setup time, reduces mouse clicks, and easily transitions to the Mixing & Mastering once the beat is complete!

Not all templates are equal, and care must be taken in planning. If a template is too heavy, project load times increase! (Read Benefits of a Music Template).

Version 2 is a FREE Upgrade for Version 1 FL Template customers.

Version 1 of my FL Studio Template proved to be lightweight, reduced mouse clicks, and gave a FAST workflow.. it was great to educate with, and learn on!

As I continue as a producer, V1 fell short in some areas, which V2 aims to solve.

FL Studio Version 1 Template:

Before March 2024, my FL Studio Courses used Version 1.

Version 1 had SENDS on the first mixer inserts, and setup the MASTER chain to apply light compression when mixing, and immediately get into mastering when ready.

FL Studio Template Version 1 by GratuiTous for Beatmaking, Mixing & Mastering
FL Studio Template Version 1 by GratuiTous
SENDS on first mixer inserts & light Master Chain

As mentioned, FL Template V1 was a great starting point for workflow.

When I’d start Mixing & Mastering, Version 1 kept requiring certain setup, reducing workflow. Version 2 builds and improves on Version 1 in this area.

FL Studio Template Version 2:

For latest updates, read FL Studio Template CHANGELOG.

FL Studio Template V2 introduces FL Studio Mixer workflow improvements.

Each improvement is listed under the Notable Change headings.

Notable Change #1 (SUBMIX):

New SUBMIX on Premium FL Studio Template V2 by GratuiTous for the Best Mastering Level
New SUBMIX on FL Studio Template V2 by GratuiTous

The most notable change is SUBMIX located before MASTER.

SUBMIX solves a couple shortcomings of Version 1.

First, the FL Studio MASTER can’t do parallel processing, as the MASTER can’t be routed from! SUBMIX can do it now!

Second, after a beat was made, the audio would be so loud going into MASTER, with no control of input volume! SUBMIX fixes this, allowing us to turn down volume GLOBALLY before MASTER.

Third, I wanted to compare reference tracks against the MASTER. SUBMIX allows this. (You need to enable “Restore previous state after solo” in FL Studio Settings > General > Miscellaneous.)

Fourth, I wanted FL Studio audio before MASTER, since you can’t sidechain MASTER. SUBMIX can sidechain! Detach insert from SUBMIX, route it to MASTER, then use it to sidechain SUBMIX!

Example: For absolute clarity on vocals.. detach Vocal insert from SUBMIX, and use insert to duck SUBMIX audio 1-2dB!

Notable Change #2 (Volumes Reduced):

FL Studio Template Version 2 Decreases Mixer Insert Fader Volumes for More Volume Control in Mixing
FL Studio Template Version 2 Decreases Mixer Insert Volumes
Gives More Volume Control when Mixing

In short: V2 reduces insert volumes for more control in mixing.

I’ll now explain why I decided this route for V2.

When you first make a beat in FL Studio, sounds aren’t assigned a mixer insert; they route directly to MASTER with --.

This is okay because it makes for fast beatmaking, and audio is loud to feel the drums hit hard while producing.

But.. when routing audio to mixer inserts, they’re already @ 100%, and can only increase to 125% (5.6db).. not much control, right!?

More Volume Control on FL Studio Template V2
More Volume Control on FL Studio Template V2

Now I explained SUBMIX fixed audio being too loud into MASTER..

But I wanted more control on individual insert volume!

I decided to turn down normal mixer insert volumes a generous amount for more control when turning things up or down. I hope this is the solution I’m looking for.

Notable Change #3 (SENDS Docked Right):

Mixer Sends Docked Right in Premium FL Studio Template v2 by GratuiTous for more visual mixing room, and accessing sends from anywhere without scrolling.
Mixer Sends Docked Right in Premium FL Studio Template v2
More visual mixing room, and can be accessed without scrolling.

Version 1 had SENDS on the first mixer inserts.

Version 2 now uses FL Studio’s native Mixer Docking System (Dock To). SENDS are now “Docked RIGHT”, which can open & closed.

To open, click left of the “REVERB 1” send (yellow line in image). (Click near top or bottom.. middle tries resizing mixer title height).

For clarity.. MASTER & SUBMIX is “Docked LEFT”, normal mixer inserts are “Docked MIDDLE”, & SENDS are “Docked RIGHT”.

I’m excited for the workflow improvement. As projects grow to 30-40 tracks, we don’t need to scroll way left to route SENDS.. just open DOCKED RIGHT Sends to route right away!

Notable Change #4 (Single Toolbar!):

SINGLE TOOLBAR in Premium FL Studio Template v2 by GratuiTous for a better FL Studio Workflow with more vertical working space.
SINGLE TOOLBAR in Premium FL Studio Template v2
This file is included, which you need to load into FL Studio.
It gives more vertical FL Studio working space ✅

I truly wanted to give you my exact FL Studio workflow in Version 2, especially if you follow my FL Studio Courses.

BONUS: I’m giving FL Template customers my Single Toolbar file to benefit from the extra vertical working space!

This Single Toolbar took a bit of planning for what tools I DO and DO NOT need in FL Studio’s Top Menu Bar. It’s a clean layout!

For stuff removed, I use keyboard shortcuts.

FL Studio Keyboard shortcuts you should memorize:

  • F5 – Playlist
  • F6 – Channel Rack (Step Sequencer)
  • F7 – Piano Roll
  • F9 – Mixer
  • Clone Patterns – CTRL + SHIFT + C
  • Delete Patterns – CTRL + SHIFT + DEL
  • Pattern Navigation: Press + and – on Number Pad
  • Transport (Play, Stop, etc), I use a MIDI Keyboard.

Your download includes instructions for how to install the Single Toolbar.

I hope you enjoy the Single Toolbar workflow improvement.

Notable Change #5 (MASTER Components):

Master Presets for FL Studio Template V2
Drop & Drag MASTER Preset Components: FL Studio Template V2

By default, Version 2 of FL Studio Template loads stock plugins on the MASTER so all FL Studio Users can use my FL Template.

BUT.. V2 includes MASTER Preset Drag & Drop Components for my EXACT Mastering Chain starting point (if you have the third-party plugins).

Version 1 only gave a Stock Mastering Chain for light compression in mixing, and a Limiter to follow today’s -1dB standard.

How it works is you simply open FL Template v2, load my Master Preset onto MASTER, then SAVE to overwrite template. Then install the FL Studio Template as normally described.

Version 2 gives THREE options, depending on plugins you own.

  • MASTER-FabFilter-TRackS5.fst (My Master Starting Point)
  • MASTER-FabFilter.fst (If you don’t own Classic Clipper)
  • MASTER-FL-Stock-Plugins.fst (Loaded by default)

This gets you closer to my exact setup in my FL Studio Courses.

Notable Change #6 (New V2 Practice Project):

FL Studio Practice Projects for How to Use FL Studio Template V2 Better
New V2 FL Studio Practice Project
Includes a video for How to Use FL Template Better.

For clarity, you still get Version 1 Practice Project..

Version 2 also includes a new Practice Project!

Additionally, a new overview video teaches how to use the new V2 FL Template & Practice Project for hands-on training.

Notable Change #7 (SENDS Tweaked):

FL Studio Mixer Presets for Version 2 of FL Studio Template by GratuiTous
FL Studio Mixer Presets for Version 2 of FL Studio Template by GratuiTous

V2’s SENDS are slightly tweaked to give new projects a different sound than music projects that used Version 1.

These are loaded into FL Studio Template V2 by default. The individual presets are included to default back easily if you mess something up.

Version 1 SEND Presets are still included, in case you still want them.

Version 2 .fst Mixer Presets, which were created on FL Studio 21, are not backward compatible with FL Studio 20. Loading V2 SEND Presets into FL Studio 20 gives an error and wouldn’t load for me..

Premium FL Studio Version 2 – Recap!

So there you go!

Lots of preparation went into FL Studio Template Version 2 for the next era of my beatmaking education training with you guys!

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Keep reading my FL Template Help Articles for more info!

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