Benefits of a Music Template

FL Studio Template Version 2 by GratuiTous
Premium FL Studio Template V2

Mindset Behind a Good Template

After years of using my evolving FL Studio Template for beatmaking, mixing & mastering, here’s some things I want to share with you.

Much of this information is inside my FL Studio Template Book.

FL Studio Ultimate Template Creation Guide Book

What Makes a Good FL Studio Template?

A good FL Studio Template decreases setup time, reduces mouse clicks, and allows you to make music instantly as soon as you open FL Studio.

My FL Template in particular is also setup to mix & master when the beat is complete, which helps reduce setup time, allowing more time to focus on music making.

What’s a Bad Music Template Example?

When I first learned about the power of templates, I went all out.

I tried making my template do EVERYTHING.. I thought I was being so smart to save myself time, clicks, and improve workflow..

But what happens is old projects get stuck using that old template, whether you liked that setup, or NOT.

This is why you have to carefully plan your music template, because while may seem it saves you time TODAY, when you come back TOMORROW is when you start realizing.. “Do I like my template?”.

Does that make sense?

You see, a template can change over time, but a template is locked into your old music projects.. there’s no removing it!

So as you go back to old projects, you may say, “Oh.. this was when I was using that annoying template”..

With that said, I want to leave you with this:

Not all templates are equal, and care must be taken in planning. If a template is too heavy, project load times increase!

Also, a template that does “everything” can sometimes work against you depending what that music project demands.

For example, if you usually make beats, but try working with vocals, and decide, “I’m tweaking my template to work with vocals better”, this now increases project load times when using that template for simple beats!

Now.. you could create two templates.. one for beats, and one for beats & vocals, but it’s more management.. but it is a solution!

Another important point is computers are becoming so powerful, so load times are way faster than back in the day..

I just have bad memories of my “smart idea” of creating a “do-it-all template”. When my old projects load 20-30 plugins, for an extra 15 seconds.. this is where, if you’re impatient, you switch tasks..

Because that 15 second delay, you answered an email, and 5-15 minutes has gone by.. which really eats into your time.

Choose Your FL Studio Template Wisely.

Version 1 of my FL Studio Template was my best attempt at a powerful music template.

With the release of FL Studio Template V2, I’m excited to see if my “smart decisions” TODAY are in check with TOMORROW.

Premium FL Studio Template by GratuiTous - FL Studio Template for Beatmaking, Mixing, and Mastering Music
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