FL Studio Template Version 2 by GratuiTous
Premium FL Studio Template V2

FL Studio Template Changelog (Updates)

This page shares latest updates to Premium FL Studio Template.

Version 2.0:

FL Studio Template Version 2.0 is a free upgrade for v1.0 users, requires FL Studio 21.2+ and brings MASSIVE changes to layout and workflow. Biggest noticeable improvements are the new SUBMIX, Sends docked right, Sends presets revamped, and mixer insert volume's reduced to provide more volume control. BONUS: Also included now is my FL Studio Toolbar!!

New Mixer Layout:

  • New SUBMIX to Allow for More Control Over Groups & Parallel Mastering
  • Sends are Now Docked Right (Can Open/Close for More Space)

New FL Studio Toolbar Preset:

Working on v2.0, I decided if I want to give you my EXACT workflow experience, you need my Toolbar setup, too. This took a lot of thinking for what IS and IS NOT needed in the single line Toolbar.. this helps by giving more vertical space.. my gift from me to you 🙂 (Thanks for your business!)

  • GratuiTous-Single (More vertical space)
  • GratuiTous-Full (Mostly used in courses for new users to follow)

Master Presets:

v2.0 gives you my EXACT Master Bus, if you have the plugins. If you don't, stock plugins are loaded by default, and you can easily go back and forth with the included drag & drop files.

  • Third-Party Master Presets
  • Stock Master Presets

Mixer Sends:

The sends have been slightly revamped in FL Studio Template v2.0 - Both v1 and v2 are included in case you still want the old versions. I've used

  • Mixer Sends Updated
  • Disabled 'Fruity Parametric EQ2 HQ Mode' on DELAY send to Prevent Phase Issues
  • Disabled 'Fruity Parametric EQ2 HQ Mode' on STEREO SEP send to Prevent Phase Issues

Version 1:

Preface: My FL Studio Template is lightweight and reduces the amount of clicks to initially get started at the beginning of each project. Projects load fast, while benefiting from the improved workflow that allows you to transition from beatmaking to mixing & mastering. This is the exact template that was used in the 34 Beatmaking Courses from March 2024 and before.

  • Initial Release of my Private FL Studio Template
  • Mixer Sends Setup for Fast Mixing
    • REVERB 1
    • REVERB 2
    • DELAY
  • Plugins Setup on Master Bus to Save Time in Mastering & Mix with Light Compression
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