How to Setup an Audio Interface in a Music Studio

This video is from my Music Studio Reassemble Series.

If you’d like further information, read What is an Audio Interface.

In this video we talk about installing an audio interface and how to connect an audio interface to studio speakers.

We mainly look at this Mackie BIG KNOB Studio Audio Interface, which I really like because it’s both an audio interface and monitor controller in one unit (really hard to find in the audio world). But.. even though it’s a bit of a lower-quality audio interface, the features it offers is really worth having!

Audio interface companies, if you are reading.. we producers would really like a high-quality audio interface monitor controller.. it would sell amazingly well.

How to Setup an Audio Interface to a Computer Step-By Step:

The process is REALLY EASY to connect an audio interface to a computer.

Most Audio Interfaces are USB these days, so just follow these steps:

  • First, download and install the audio interface drivers from the company’s website
  • Then plug in your audio interface via its USB Cable
  • Inside your music program, enable your audio interface as your sound card
  • Done! Your audio interface should now work!

For a super pro-tip if you’re only using your computer for music production, I find it best practice to disable all other audio devices in Windows, and only keep my audio interface enabled. This way Windows will always use my Audio Interface as the default device no matter what!

Further in the video you get to see all the various Audio Cable Connection Types, how to connect an audio interface to a subwoofer and reference monitor speakers, and what kind of headphones I’m using.