Sticking to one DAW (digital audio workstation) will tremendously speed up your knowledge of beatmaking in your early years. (Your early years are very important to absorb as much information as possible, because you are new, things are fun, and you are like a sponge.. looking for all the valuable information out there).

But I totally get it…

When new, you see so many tutorials out there, and you think, “Oh, I need that DAW.. or that VSTi, or that Drum Kit“.. And it’s hard, because you definitely need some of these tools, but the trick is knowing the good tools, and the tools that work for you. That will allow you to avoid GEAR LUST, like explained in Music Production Made Simple Podcast – Episode 1 of Season 2.

I do suggest new producers try different DAWs when starting out, to see what they like, but eventually, you HAVE TO SETTLE DOWN.. otherwise you’ll waste too much time trying to learn the music program, rather than LEARNING HOW TO MAKE BEATS! (Which is the end goal, right?)

You’ll also spend a lot of money if you are using multiple DAWs, and you’ll just spin your wheels without moving very far.

If you are struggling with your beatmaking, I encourage you to try FL Studio. Their LIFETIME free updates are absolutely amazing, and their support team is wonderful.

I’m here to help you learn how to make beats with FL Studio, as I’m now a Recognized FL Studio trainer, and have my Beatmaker Training Platform with tons of FL Studio courses. (There’s also a questions area where you can ask me questions when you’re a member, and I’ll respond back fast!)

Remember, it’s usually the lack of the producer’s abilities and skills, rather than the capabilities of the DAW. You have to put your time in to learn this craft of beatmaking, and if you do, you will truly feel the true reward of saying, “Yes, I made that beat from scratch!”. (And yes, FL Studio is more than capable to be called your only DAW you use, just like I do!)