Is making beats something you do for fun as a hobby, or is it something that you would like to make a career out of?

It’s important you decide early on in your music career, otherwise it will always fight you while you are at work.

If it’s for fun, keep it as such. If it’s for a career, you will need to start reading about online business, and learning the essentials required to have a long-term foot in the music industry (and online business industry).

I quickly talk to you about a really cool trick in FL Studio, that not many people know about, and it’s Spare State. It allows you to Store in spare state, then you can Flip with spare state. (This allows ANY PLUGIN to have A/B comparison for powerful mixing!!!)

Spare state feature of the FL Wrapper. Any plugin has this, but it is most effective with a plugin like a compressor or EQ (with fair volume comparison) to hear two different tweaks you’ve applied.

I talk a lot about A/B comparison throughout my blog, podcast, and courses.

This allows you to switch back and forth between changes you’ve applied on EQ or Compression, and can really help you nail in the proper settings. (And I even mention in the episode that A/B gives you two options, but you actually have a third option, which is OFF/ON.. OFF/ON is like the BEFORE, then you have Version 1 which is A, then Version 2 which is B).

So, if you use a plugin in FL Studio that does not have A/B, now you can use this trick!

You will also hear my interview I had with James, a member who was so happy he found my beatmaker training platform. The interview is available on video as well here.

I hope you enjoy the interview, and the A/B tip.

I plan to start recording this 5 GOLDEN PILLARS OF MUSIC PRODUCTION course very soon, and it will be added to the platform of my other FL Studio courses.

Stay tuned!