Welcome to Student Interview #4 with James.

After many heartfelt back-and-forth emails with James, he explained my FL Studio training is exactly what he’s been looking for.

James enrolled into my FL Studio Training Platform on July 15, 2021, and has absolutely amazing things to say about it!

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MEMBER INTERVIEW #4 – James [Sept 20, 2021]

It’s so rewarding to find self-learning individuals.. James has continued to work so hard!

James truly has an ear to listen, and found me just in time before getting too deep into the music industry’s marking hype on unneeded products! It’s allowed him to see results, push forward and get organized.

What’s This Custom Music Folder?

FL Studio is great.. it’s the only DAW I use.

However, files can become really unorganized, resulting in MISSING FILES, if you do not set up your music folder properly from the start.

And, to make things worse..

If you get too unorganized acquiring unnecessary plugins and sounds, it’s harder to switch to my organized music folder approach, this is because all your files are ALL OVER THE PLACE, resulting in missing files!

(As you’ll hear James say, my custom music folder approach is so worth it!)

LISTEN: #004 – A Specific Music Production Folder

Where to Learn: Organized Music Folder

My course A Specific Music Production Folder teaches how to set up a music production folder to be organized, how to back up FL Studio projects properly, and become a MUCH faster music producer.

The course is also included in my FL Studio Training Platform.

A-Specific-Music-Production-Folder - FL Studio Course
A Specific Music Production Folder Course. Learn more here.

Gear Lust at Its Worst!!!

I hear this GEAR LUST story too often!

(So this isn’t just James..)

At the beginning of your production career, you are WAY TOO NEW to know what equipment is good.. so you get deceived by all the marketing hype behind “popular products”.

This is what I call GEAR LUST:


The sad thing is these plugins may not even suit your workflow, but you saw them in a YouTube tutorial, and thought you needed it.. be careful!

The secret to being a good music producer is having good tools, that work well, which you know in-depth.

Does that make sense!?

WATCH: Select the Right Plugins as a Producer

Closing Out.. Great Interview.

From an educator’s point of view.. I was so happy to hear James talk about my various teaching methods..

It instantly tells me he is listening closely and super eager to absorb as much beatmaking knowledge as possible.

If you are new.. check out my music to hear my production quality (I can teach you!).

And to close out, I want to share SAFE SPOTS, which James and I discussed for a little bit in the interview:

SAFE SPOTS: Create Amazing Drum Loops Book and Course
SAFE SPOTS is a Drum Loop Training Curriculum by GratuiTous (Riley Weller)
Here’s a FREE SAFE SPOTS Training!

SAFE SPOTS is all about creating amazing drum loops inside FL Studio.

You’ll learn sound placement, wise sound selection, and powerful tricks that are FREE inside your music program when programming drum loops into a Step Sequencer.

My SAFE SPOTS Drum Loop curriculum is available as:

So I hope you enjoyed the interview..

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