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Student Interviews


MEMBER INTERVIEW #5 – Oct. 14, 2021 – Avandar

After 12-Months of being in the platform, I did a second interview with Avandar. He tells new producers be careful on YouTube, as there’s helpful videos out there, but no guidance..


MEMBER INTERVIEW #4 – Sept 20, 2021 – James

James wrote me such a sincere email when he first found out about my FL Studio courses. After a couple months inside my beatmaker training platform, I invited him to discuss how he likes the videos, and what he’s been learning so far!


MEMBER INTERVIEW #3 – Nov. 30, 2020 – Khordon Blu


MEMBER INTERVIEW #2 – Sept. 17 2020 – Joe


MEMBER INTERVIEW #1 – Sept 13, 2020 – Avandar

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