Welcome back to my second member interview! (Become a Member)

In this episode, we have Joe from Australia! (Recorded Sept 17, 2022)

Joe started his first course with me July 25, 2020. Half-way through the interview, we listen to a beat of his! (Pretty good beat for two months in!)

Joe said that after searching around for the best FL Studio Beginner book, he finally found mine.

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MEMBER INTERVIEW #2 – Joe [Sept. 17 2020]

Fun fact: Before Joe made his first beat, he listened to ALL podcast episodes, and read my FL Studio Beginner’s Book!

It was so rewarding to see someone so passionate about learning beatmaking. Nowadays most people think using pre-made loops or midi packs is “beatmaking”.. good job Joe for learning the craft of beatmaking as a true producer.


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