Before you start taking music production seriously, it’s INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT to set up your own custom music production folder.

FL Studio offers its ‘User Data Folder’, but has been known to cause a lot of headaches for many users.

That’s when I took the initiative to figure out the absolute best way to set myself up for the long-term as a music producer, know exactly where my files are, and never have missing files EVER AGAIN!

This episode is actually based off of my course:
A Specific Music Production Folder.

I break down my actual personal music production folder in this episode (but the video course shows you step-by-step the why’s, how’s, and reasoning between my organization and file labeling.)

In short, you want to create a music production folder which nests everything to do with your music production!

You’d then create sub-folder for further organization.

Here’s an example:

  • Music Production Folder
    • Albums
    • Beat Tapes
    • Sounds

But, within these sub-folders is where it’s important to pay attention to my layout. (I’ve spent years perfecting this folder layout until finally nailing it.)

Within the Sounds folder, for example:

  • Sounds
    • Drum Kits
    • VSTs

For each subfolder (Drum Kits and VSTs), I create a folder for each vendor (company) I purchase a product from.

It’s then super easy to access these sounds from within FL Studio’s browser.

When it comes to organizing your beat tapes/album releases, it’s even more important to follow my folder structure to prevent missing files, and know exactly where files are at a later date. (For remixes, or various other commercial endeavors.)

Again, check out the course for a step-by-step video walk through.