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Music Production Made Simple Podcast

S2E27 – What Makes a MIDI Keyboard Good for Beatmaking

What makes a MIDI Keyboard good for making beats in FL Studio? This episode of Music Production Made simple discusses GratuiTous’ strong opinion for a 49-Key Semi-Weight MIDI Keyboard!

focusrite scarlett and m-audio fast track pro

Why Do My Speakers Make A Pop When I Turn My Audio Interface On/Off

When you turn on and off your audio interface it will make your speakers POP very loud if the speaker is on. The trick is to turn the audio interface on or off only when the speakers are off!

What is a Mastering Chain (Effects Chain, Signal Flow)

What is a Mastering Chain in FL Studio?

Learn to set up a good mastering chain when you master audio. The order your mastering signal chain plugins allows you to get the best mastering chain.

Music Production Made Simple Podcast

S2E25 – Should You Sound Design While Beatmaking

Should beatmakers sound design as they make their beats? Will it help you find your own sound? Is learning sound design worth it? Learn more in this episode!


How to Make Drum Loops in FL Studio

Learn how to program drum loops in FL Studio for Beginners.. works for any genre like dance and hip-hop. You will learn how to make drum loops!

How to Purchase Music Production Equipment for Beatmaking
Getting Started

How to Purchase Music Production Equipment

Learn how to buy music production equipment while selecting the right product filters like High-to-Low pricing, and setting a MAX Price.


How to Organize Files in FL Studio

How to backup your FL Studio Projects, organize your FL Studio files, and keep your VSTs and sounds safe!

Get Organized While Making Beats in FL Studio
Getting Started

Get Organized While Making Beats

Learn how to get organized as a music producer using FL Studio. Where to store your files, how to back them up, and ultimately, how to organize FL Studio’s Window Layout.

Music Production Made Simple Podcast

S2E16 – See Results FAST While Learning Music Production

Do you want to know the #1 secret to learn better, not just as a music producer, but as a person FAST? It’s actually TRYING what you’re just watched, read, or have been studying. Learn how to learn music production fast in S2E16 of Music Production Made Simple.

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