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Access Windows "Sound Control Panel"

Best FL Studio Settings [Optimize FL Studio Performance]

The best settings for FL Studio to optimize performance is selecting an ASIO Driver, and disabling Windows Audio Enhancements for the best FL Studio audio settings.

Things don't have to be perfect in your music to release it

Things Don’t Have to Be Perfect in Your Music

Wondering why it takes you so long to make beats? It’s because you’re way too serious! Things don’t have to be perfect in your music, which allows you release music faster!

Remove Empty Folders from FL Studio's Browser by going Settings -> File -> and Remove Folder Path

How To Remove Empty Folders In FL Studio

How to remove empty folders from FL Studio’s browser. Just go to Settings -> File -> Browser extra search folders and remove the folder’s text, then close the Settings window!

How to Use the FL Studio Help Manual (Image Hotspots and CTRL + F Quick Search)

How to Use FL Studio Help Manual

How to use the FL Studio Help Manual for the best learning experience. We cover using F1 to access the FL Studio Help Manual, using Image Hotspots, and using CTRL + F to quick search for keywords.

Navigate FL Studio Playlist EASY - FL Studio Tutorial

Navigate FL Studio Playlist EASY

Learn to Navigate the Playlist in FL Studio with these powerful shortcuts to improve your workflow, which also applies to the Piano Roll, too!

Organized Serum Preset Folder in Documents (GratuiTous' Approach)

How to Install Serum Banks [XferRecords]

How to Install Serum Presets into XferRecords Serum VSTi. Learn how to install serum banks fast, and organize them.

Why Do Speakers Pop When Turning Off and On Audio Interface

Why Do My Speakers Make A Pop When I Turn My Audio Interface On/Off

When you turn on and off your audio interface it will make your speakers POP very loud if the speaker is on. The trick is to turn the audio interface on or off only when the speakers are off!

What is a Mastering Chain (Effects Chain, Signal Flow)

What is a Mastering Chain in FL Studio?

Learn to set up a good mastering chain when you master audio. The order your mastering signal chain plugins allows you to get the best mastering chain.


How to Make Drum Loops in FL Studio

Learn how to program drum loops in FL Studio for Beginners.. works for any genre like dance and hip-hop. You will learn how to make drum loops!

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