How to Remove Empty Playlist Space in FL Studio

Remove Empty Playlist Space in FL Studio (Ripple in FL Studio)

This quick FL Studio Tip will teach you how to ripple in FL Studio.

What is Ripple? It allows you to delete an area in the Playlist, and collapse the rest of the audio patterns to where you deleted.

It saves you A LOT of time from manually deleting patterns, highlighting all patterns to the right, then dragging them over so there’s no empty space in the Playlist.

FL Studio Playlist allows you to ADD and REMOVE the highlighted area fast! This video shows you how.. (keyboard shortcuts below!)

Remove Empty / Dead Space in FL Studio Playlist
Also known as Ripple in Video Editing!

FL Studio Ripple Keyboard Shortcuts

First highlight an area in the FL Studio Playlist.. then:

  • DELETE: CTRL + DELETE (not backspace)

With a section highlighted in the Playlist..

DELETE will delete the highlighted area, and collapse the patterns from the right to line-up with the patterns on the left.

INSERT will insert empty space into the FL Studio playlist, which is super useful if you want to continue the arrangement from that point!

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Inserting Empty Space and Collapsing FL Studio Playlist (Ripple in FL Studio)

For normal patterns, this works great.

However, if you have automation clips or you have audio clips that overlap bars, just be cautious of this approach.

A quick workaround I’ve found is to simply move the clip to the left out of the highlighted area, then remove or insert the space, then drag that clip back. (It works really good).

Wrapping Up!: Remove Highlighted Area in FL Studio Playlist

There you go!

This feature is called RIPPLE when video editing. It’s really powerful because it allows the patterns to the right of the deletion to snap to the left patterns, saving you a huge fine-tuning step.

You have to be careful because things can get out of sync if not done properly in video editing, but FL Studio just cuts out or adds in space to that highlighted area, so everything will be in sync.

Have you tried this FL Studio Playlist Ripple technique before?

Leave a comment below on your thoughts!

I’d love to know if it sped up your workflow 🙂

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