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FL Studio

Music Production Made Simple Podcast

S2E27 – What Makes a MIDI Keyboard Good for Beatmaking

What makes a MIDI Keyboard good for making beats in FL Studio? This episode of Music Production Made simple discusses GratuiTous’ strong opinion for a 49-Key Semi-Weight MIDI Keyboard!


How To Get Started Making Beats?

To get started making beats you will need a good DAW, a MIDI Keyboard, and high-quality sounds. It’s easily possible to make beats at home and it’s really affordable!

Music Production Made Simple Podcast

S2E26 – Does Volume Balancing Wreck Your Song

Does VOLUME BALANCING apply in the same way for beatmakers compared to audio engineers using audio recordings? Beatmakers are unique in that we have FULL CONTROL with MIDI and One-Shot Drum Samples.

What is a Mastering Chain (Effects Chain, Signal Flow)

What is a Mastering Chain in FL Studio?

Learn to set up a good mastering chain when you master audio. The order your mastering signal chain plugins allows you to get the best mastering chain.

Music Production Made Simple Podcast

S2E25 – Should You Sound Design While Beatmaking

Should beatmakers sound design as they make their beats? Will it help you find your own sound? Is learning sound design worth it? Learn more in this episode!

How to Master in FL Studio for Beginners

How to Master a Song in FL Studio

Learn how to master a song in FL Studio for beginners. We cover Limiting, Compression, Clipping, and how to make a song loud in mastering.


How to Make Drum Loops in FL Studio

Learn how to program drum loops in FL Studio for Beginners.. works for any genre like dance and hip-hop. You will learn how to make drum loops!


How to Organize Files in FL Studio

How to backup your FL Studio Projects, organize your FL Studio files, and keep your VSTs and sounds safe!


How to Mix Kicks and 808s in FL Studio

Mixing kick drums and 808s for the best sound requires wise sound selection (short-tailed kicks), and often sidechain compression to reduce volume automatically, and avoid low-end frequency clashing.

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