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In addition to buying music production equipment.. it’s also hard to know what computer accessories to purchase for the best music making experience in FL Studio..

This page shares what I think is the best computer typing keyboard for FL Studio (that I’m currently using).

Best Computer Keyboard for FL Studio - HyperX Alloy Core RGB
HyperX Alloy Core RGB
Best Computer Keyboard for FL Studio

There’s a couple reasons I suggest this keyboard.

  • It has a number pad!
  • It has a multimedia player (play, stop, and volume).. very useful when playing music/audio outside of FL Studio
  • The keys aren’t too loud when typing..
  • The RGB is really useful in a darker environment. (I usually don’t like RGB stuff.. it usually costs more and is just “flashy”)

What We Cover on this Page:

  • What to Look For in a Computer Keyboard for FL Studio
Best Computer Typing Keyboard for FL Studio

What to Look For in a Computer Keyboard for FL Studio

You’d be surprised how hard it is to buy a good typing keyboard for FL Studio (and just in general).

Nowadays, typing keyboards can be very expensive (like $200-300!), they can be very loud when typing (depending on the MX Cherry color you select), and sometimes they don’t offer the features I like on a computer typing keyboard for FL Studio.

Here’s the quick list that I need a typing keyboard to have for FL Studio:

  • The Number Pad.. this allows us to switch between patterns FAST (I even created a FL Studio Course on it because it’s that important to my workflow)
  • The typing keys can’t be too loud (because the microphone will pick it up when I teach.. very annoying for video editing to reduce the volume just for computer keys..)
  • Multimedia options are incredibly useful to play/stop audio outside of FL Studio.. like when I’m testing a new BEAT TAPE.
  • I’m not paying $200+ for a typing keyboard.. come on now!
  • Now that I’ve had RGB on a keyboard, it really allows you to see the keys quickly when looking down.. (I haven’t found an actual use for RGB in any other situation yet LOL!)

So there you go!

At the moment, I’m currently using the HyperX Alloy RGB Keyboard.. I’ve seen this priced around $50.. so now you can see why I think this is the BEST COMPUTER KEYBOARD FOR FL STUDIO!!

FL Studio Number Pad on Keyboard to Switch Patterns
The Number Pad allows you to blend RGB colors, which is kind of cool..
Also.. you can see the multimedia player buttons above.. (play, stop, volume etc..)

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If you have any questions about what computer keyboard to get for FL Studio, leave a comment below!

Because I’m a FL Studio Trainer, I’m more picky than the average user because I care about my student’s high-quality learning environment (and making video editing as easy as possible).